Air Bubbler Plants

Introduction: Air Bubbler Plants

To keep airation through out to tank in a stylish way.

Step 1: Materials

For this u will need:

A rock reptile bowl

Assortted plants(doesn't matter what kind you pick)

air stone

air line tubing



Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Drilling Time

drill multiple holes in the bowl (it doesn't matter what siz holes but its up to you) and one big hole to fit the tubing

Step 3: Put Tubing and Air Stone Together

First put the tube in the big hole you made and push it out like an inch. then snugly attach the air stone

Step 4: Time to Glue Things!!!

now u want to glue the BOTTOM of the air stone to the bowl(see first picture). After that has dried pick it up and flip it over and start glueing the plants on (be carefull not to cover the holes).

Step 5: Last Thing

now once its all dry plug it into your air pump and watch it go!!!!! Sry about the pic

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    4 Discussions


    13 years ago on Step 4

    Are all hot glue sticks aquarium safe?


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Is this for underwater use? That means you need underwater plants.

    Sergeant Crayon

    Very creative idea and very effective. My Uro has that same bowl, except much, much larger.