Introduction: Air Chamber for Air Gun

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This is how to make an air chamber to use in conjunction with my Pump action dart gun or a air gun

I will put good photos in soon but for now you will have to rely on paint for pics

And ill put in a vid soon

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

1 piece of PVC pipe 35cm by 50mm (or whatever)

2 end caps 50mm HIGH PRESSURE END CAPS because the the weak ones will make the chamber EXPLODE it happened to me.

plummers glue or dam strong glue

car valve or motobike valve

hose fitting

more dam strong glue like areldite stuff (for the bike valve and hose fitting)

se pic

Step 2: Drilling

get the end caps and drill the size if the bike valve and hose fitting so it is a snug fit

Then glue the craper out of it so its DAMMMM strong

Step 3: See Pic

seeeee picture |

Step 4: Building

now glue the inside of both end caps with plumbers glue or equalivent, after the valve and fitting are glued well
then attach end caps to PVC

you can also glue PVC where the end caps go


Step 5: Completion

YEY YOUR, DONE NOW PUMP IT UP usuall to about 120 PSI but be carfull and use safety equiptment you should hopfully gey a couple of shots out of it YEY


see pic