Introduction: Air Compressor Bottle Rocket


PVC primer and PVC Glue, PVC Cutter, Measuring tape, marker, teflon tape, ½ inch PVC pipe, PVC Side Outlet 90-Degree Elbow, ½ inch threaded connector, ½ to ¼ galvanized reducer, ¼” air compressor fitting, air compressor

Step 1:

Start by marking and cutting 2-10 inch sections of PVC pipe.

Step 2:

Use PVC Primer and glue to attach the sections of pipe to the elbow. You will also glue a ½ inch end cap on one of the sections.

Step 3:

Use teflon tape on the threads of all threaded connectors.

Step 4:

Attach the PVC threaded connector, to the reducer and the air compressor fitting and connect that all to the 90 degree elbow and wait at least three hours for the PVC glue to dry completely.

Step 5:

You may need to use teflon tape and electrical tape to seal the soda bottle so water doesn't leak out in the pre launch phase.

Step 6:

Find a clear area outside and connect the air compressor hose to the launcher.

Step 7:

Fill the bottle ¾ of the way up with water and put it on the launcher.

Step 8:

Turn the air compressor on and wait for it to fill up.

Step 9:

Connect the hose to the compressor.

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