Introduction: Air Cooler

Hi, I am Santhosh from white field nook.

Today i will show how to make air cooler at home.



  • Bottle
  • Toy fan
  • 9v battery
  • Battery clip
  • Dc motor
  • Switch
  • Card board sheet
  • Wires

Step 1:


  • Take a cardboard sheet and waste bottle.
  • Make holes to the bottle.
  • And stick the bottle on the cardboard sheet.
  • And take the dc motor and connect the wires to the motor.

Step 2:


  • Stick the dc motor on the top of the bottle cap.
  • And fix the toy fan to the dc motor.
  • And stick the 9v battery on the card board sheet.

Step 3:


  • Connect the battery clip to the battery.
  • Stick the switch in the side of the bottle.
  • Connect the wires to the motor and to the battery clip.
  • Now the air cooler is ready.
  • when we put ice cube inside the bottle.
  • When we on the switch the cool air comes out of the bottle.