Introduction: Air Cooler

My Name is Varish Dwivedi and My Age is 7.5 Years. This is my first Video in any such sites.

I have recently developed good interest in electric circuits. I keep trying out small and simple circuits which helps me enhance my practical knowledge to a good extent.

As part of the same I have created an AIR COOLER using a very simple circuit and easy to find household items.

This is very good for beginners like me.

Step 1: Creating the Box Cover

Take a Normal Plastic Box and Make Holes on the Cover using a Soldering iron or else a screw driver

Step 2: Air Cooler Wind Exit

Make a small Hole on the main box as well for the air to blow out

Step 3: Creating the Air Exit Pipe and Fitting It

Use a Medicine Cup and fit it into the Plastic box after making appropriate holes. See the details in the attached Images

Step 4: Circuit Creation and Finalizing the Whole Model

Create a simple electronic circuit which consists of a Battery, Switch and a Motor

Join them all so that the Motor starts running.

Glue them all to the plastic box on the top as shown in the attached image

Attach a small fan inside the box on the motor after pasting everything to the box (you can use a Glue gun)

Step 5: Running the Air Cooler

Fill in some Ice inside the Box.

Once you switch on the Switch, it collects Air from outside which enters the box through the Top holes.

It cools down using the Ice and comes out through the exit Pipe.

Use this Model and you would realize that it gives you very pleasant cool air which is very relaxing. This is also very easy to make.