Introduction: Air Cooler

People around the world always is trying to confront the summer heat with air conditioners but this is polluting and the climate change is evolving, so we think to a posible solution for the summer heat and this is what we made with the use of non-polluting solutions like the cold packs and ice for an personal use so it is not a great thing like an air conditioner itself.

The air cooler is a eco friendly product that use a cold pack or ice blocks to oppose the summer heat because it does not emit the CO2 that is one of many things that is polluting the air of our planet.

Step 1: Materials

To built this invention you will need:

  1. Two air fans (8cm of diameter)
  2. A small box of 25cm x 10cm (in this case brass)
  3. A taper of 20cm x 4cm
  4. A cutting plier
  5. One cutter
  6. Lighter
  7. Permanent marker
  8. Silicone
  9. A hammer
  10. One nail
  11. Saw
  12. Cold pack or ice blocks

Step 2: Step 1: the Designing

With the permanent marker draw the design for the air vent in two parallel sides of the box but first decide what the back will be because that side will need a vent bigger than the front side so this will produce more efficiency.

At the picture we see the front side and we decide to cut the vent along the box and at the back we use diagonal slits letting a part to put the helix of the fans.

Step 3: Step 2: the Building

  1. One you have finish drawing on the box take the hummer and the nail to make some holes to proceed with the cutting of the slits using the cutting plier.
  2. With the saw cut the two air fans just letting the parts of the batterie and the helix (if there is some parts that you can not cut use the lighter to warm up the cutter and start cutting the leftover parts of plastic
  3. After you have that done paste the two helix at the inside with the use of the silicone at the back side and paste the taper in front of helix.
  4. To finish you will need to put inside the box the cold pack or the ice blocks and turn on the fans