Introduction: Air Filter Ion Uv

This instructable shows you how to make an   filter pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pollen, solder fumes and many other organic materials out of the air that you breathe.

Step 1: Material

Salvage from any where .

Box plywood
Aluminium foil

Fan form server CPU 12 Vdc
UV lamp PL 11 W   (germicidal lamp will be best)
Fiiting lamp PL
frame Air Filter from broken indoor unit daikin Air Cond

Electronic Module : 
Electronic Balast from broken tube (philips 13W)
ion generator from broken indoor unit daikin Air Cond
frekwency generator by LM 555
Power supply 12 vd 1 A

Step 2: A BoX

the box its from ply wood .. thank Mr. Obed

Make sure your fan is fit inside the box
Make sure your lamp length is fit enough and easy for the change
make sure your component is fit good and have air circulation

I coated the inside of the box with aluminum foil, in order that the inner box always clean

Step 3: Fill in All the Components in the Box

install UV lights and fitting lamps and  give the distance between the fan, make sure the lights can easily be released if the lamp dies.

instal ion spark casing with glue

make hole for a conection  cable power to power supply .
Joint and soldering power cable to power supply and ballast.
soldering conection cable from lamp fitting to ballast,
Joint and soldering power supply output (12 V ) to module ion. frecwency generator and fan
fit all module in the box and be carefull contact with box body .

Step 4: Close the Box

measure the frame of  air filter and fit in the box, i uses 2 pieaces filter

cek all conection then  close the box.

Step 5: Test

when i test the air flow is not balance; the suction side of  air its to small, the suction area must be a bit longer

The ion it a work good,  the UV lamp is glow

maybe i must add the carbon filter  and change the UV lamp with germidical lamp.


High Voltage circuit and spark arc in air I cannot be held liable for damage of any sort! Be very careful when handling high voltages!

UV light is harmful to humans. In addition to causing sunburn and (over time) skin cancer, this light can produce extremely painful inflammation of the cornea of the eye, which may lead to temporary or permanent vision impairment. It can also damage the retina of the eye. For this reason, the light produced by a germicidal lamp must be carefully shielded against both direct viewing and reflections and dispersed light that might be viewed