Air Freshener Tree Forest (you Need This for Your Desk)

Introduction: Air Freshener Tree Forest (you Need This for Your Desk)

We will be using clay, air fresheners and (optional) solar powered toy from the dollar store to create a little good smelling forest for your desk or windowsill etc

Hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

you'll need the following:

-air fresherner(s)

- oven bake clay (tip m: make sure if you are using different colors or brands of clay that it is all oven bake clay and that it bakes at roughly the same temperature/time)


Step 2: Prep Clay

Knead your clay and roll into a ball

Step 3: Flatten Clay

Flatten clay (don't make it too thin though! I made mine 1/4 inch thick ish at its thinnest )

If you're gonna use a solar powered animal toy then go ahead and flatten a space for it in the clay using the base of the toy

Step 4: Create Slots for Air Freshener Trees

Stick your tree shaped air fresheners into the clay

Your clay should look like the picture above (unless you're not using a solar powered toy in yours)

Remove everything from the clay without warping the clay

Step 5: Bake Clay

Bake clay in a preheated oven

Use your clay packaging to determine temperature and the thickness of clay for how long you baked it

If the thickness of your clay varies I usually average it. I don't want the thin clay baking too long but want the thickest clay to bake enough. This is usually a good solution. Use your best judgement please!

Step 6: Enjoy Tree Forest!

Your air freshener tree forest is complete!!!

If you used any new air fresheners or the old ones had some kick to them then congrats! Your desk is the best smelling one in your office! If not, you have a really random little forest with you and maybe a shark that's shaking it's booty in the sun haha

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