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Introduction: Air Layering

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Air layering plants requires a moist environment for aerial roots to form. Most plants can be air layered and, even if no rooting takes place, the original plant is not damaged by the process since you do not remove the donor material until it has produced roots.
you go to this link to video

Step 1:

Step 2: Method of Wounding Woody Plants

 Method of wounding woody plants such as magnolia, gardenia, rose, fig and similar plants. With a sharp knife, make two parallel cuts about 1 1/2 inches apart around the stem and through the bark and cambium layer. Connect the two parallel cuts with one long cut (a) and remove the ring of bark (b), leaving the inner woody tissue exposed (c)

Step 3: Preparation of Soil

use see we haved pees of broom and black soil mixture

Step 4: Applying Honey

? honey help in easy root propagation

Step 5: Using a Sheet of Polyethylene Film

Using a sheet of polyethylene film approximately 6" X 12" or 8" X 12", depending upon the size of the plant stem, wrap the ball of soil mixture using the butchers fold (see insert) to secure a tight seal where the two ends of the sheet are joined.

Step 6: Placing Soil in Cut Part and Tey

 Draw the upper end of the film snugly around stem making sure that none of the moss is exposed. Fasten securely with electrical tape or thried, taking care that the tape extends beyond the film and adheres to the stem. Repeat the procedure on the lower end, again making sure there is a snug fit. Moisture must not escape and excess moisture must not enter when watering or syringing the plants. Support the plant with stake or splint to prevent breakage at the wounded area.

Step 7: Result(new Roots Have Penetrated)

After the new roots have penetrated the moss ball and are visible on all sides, the rooted branch may be removed from the parent plant. The rooting time will vary with plant variety as well as the season in which it is performed.

Step 8:

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    4 years ago

    Does that work with trees, like walnuts?


    Reply 4 years ago

    It will work with all rooting plants.

    Choose a branch not larger than 5 cm diam.


    5 years ago

    That bounced back pretty quickly! My grandmother used to do this with her roses often :)