Air-Nub Installation Guide

Introduction: Air-Nub Installation Guide

This guide will show you how to install the Airlab Air-Nub, the perfect nub for use with the Air-Hop, an accuracy upgrade for airsoft guns. This is very easy and will take less than half an hour.

You will need

Airlab Air-Nub

Hop Up Unit

Sharp Knife


Step 1: Cut Off Most of the Legs

  • Use a sharp knife to remove most of the legs.
  • Leave some material behind for sanding in the next step.

Step 2: Sand the Legs Completely Flat

  • Lay sandpaper on a flat surface.
  • Rub the hop arm on the sandpaper.
  • Remove a small amount of material at a time, and check your work often.
  • Clean the sandpaper regularly.
  • Keep the hop arm straight.
  • Stop as soon as the arm is flat.

Step 3: Test Fit the Air-Nub

  • Put the Air-Nub into the hop up unit window.
  • Check the fit. It will probably be too long, and maybe too wide.

Step 4: Trim the Nub

  • Remove a small amount of material with a sharp knife.
  • It is better to remove a small amount, test fit, then remove a bit more.

Step 5: Test Fit Again

  • Place the Air-Nub back into the hop up unit window
  • Make sure it fits loosely
  • A tight fit is bad. Trim more if needed.

Step 6: Remove the Backing and Install

  • Remove the backing from the Air-Nub with a knife. This exposes the adhesive.
  • Carefully insert the Air-Nub into the hop unit window. Use something thin to push it into place.
  • Make sure the Air-Nub is positioned correctly.

Step 7: Install the Hop Arm

  • Clean the hop arm (with acetone, alchohol or soap and water). Allow it to dry.
  • Install the hop arm and pin.
  • Push the hop arm down, into the Air-Nub.
  • The Air-Nub should be stuck to the hop arm.
  • Wasn't that easy?

Congratulations, you are done! Now you can move on to Air-Hop Installation, or test firing.

Note: If your gun is over hopping on the lowest setting, you can remove a small amount of material from the Air-Nub.

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