Introduction: Air Plant Terrarium, Natural Hanging Display

A simple project that gives any room a modern natural feel. Display your glass globe air plants on a natural branch, featuring how to create your own 10" hanging terrarium from a lamp post globe.


4 ft aprox. Tree branch - preferably with curves and bends to give it depth and bring globes out from the wall.

10" Section of a thick straight tree branch

220 Sand paper

Wood sealer of choice - we used Helman's indoor/outdoor spar urethane clear

Paint Brush

Drill and 1/8 drill bit

25 ft. of 18-Gauge Copper Hobby Wire - we used Ook brand

2 #6 Screw hooks

2mm Jute Cord - we used Darice brand from their get organized collection

10 Inch Clear Acrylic Neckless Lamp Post Globe

Terrarium materials: assortment of plants, soil, activated charcoal and decor

8lb. Fishing line

Crimp beads

Swarovski crystal beads

15 Small 20mm lanyard spring hooks in copper and/or antique bronze color

Small tip pliers

6" Hanging glass planter

Small air plants (I'm a big fan of Tillandsia Ionantha Mexican)

(Optional) Geode pieces or pebbles/sand for bottom of small glass planters

Step 1: Choose Your Branch

Search for a tree branch that has curves and bends so that it adds depth and personality to your display. Having the bend pop out from the wall brings the globes away from the wall as well and gives them space to hang. A great thing is that each branch will be unique and adds a personal touch to your display.

We used a dry tulip poplar tree branch found in the woods with bark that was starting to peel away. It is approximately 5ft in length and a varying thickness of 2 1/4" - 1 1/2".

You will also need a 10" straight branch aprox. 1 1/2" thick (for creating the hanger of the globe terrarium).

Step 2: Prep and Seal Your Branch

Peal away the bark and lightly sand the surface. Clean with a moist cloth and follow the instructions to your preferred sealant to apply with a brush. We used 2 coats with a light sanding in between and made sure to cover all ends, knots, and surfaces well.

Step 3: Mounting to the Wall

Decide the height and placement of the branch on your wall. Place the branch curving outwards and settled against the wall. Mark your screw hook placement 5" above the highest point of your branch and then mark your second screw hook placement at the same height on the other side. If your wall is made of drywall, make sure you place them so that they screw into the studs behind your wall.

Pre-drill on your 2 marks with a 1/8" drill bit and install the screw hooks all the way in to face up.

Place your branch into position below the screw hooks and use the copper wire to to hang it.

Step 4: Build and Decorate 10" Terrarium Globe

To build your terrarium, place a layer of each of these in order from bottom to top inside the 10" neckless lamp post globe

1/2" - 1" bottom layer of Pebbles for water drainage

Thin layer of activate charcoal to prevent bacteria from growing

2"-3" of soil. The type of soil depends on the plants you are growing.

Add plants with the tallest in the back and ground cover in the front.

Add stones and decorations.

Step 5: Mounting the 10" Globe

The smaller straight branch you collected will be the hanger to the 10" globe.

Cut the sides of the straight branch on a 45 degree angle. Check that it can embed inside your 10" globe and adjust corners and length if necessary. Sand and seal.

Use the Jot cord to tie a secure hanging loop on the large wall tree branch. Tie another secure hanging loop on the small straight branch. Add three spring clips to merge these two together at the loops.

Bring your globe up and feed it into your prepped branch and let it sit and hang on it.

Step 6: Prep the Strings for 6" Glass Planters

Cut the fishing line 2" less than the desired height of your 6" glass planter. Fold a loop in the end and crimp a crimp bead to keep it in place. Thread a crystal bead to sit on the crimp and loop. Halfway to your line, crimp a crimp bead and thread another crystal bead to sit on that crimp bead. Thread a crimp bead in the end to form a loop like the first one and crimp it into place. Add spring hooks to each of the loops at both ends.

Make 5 more of these with varying lengths and crystal placements.

Loop each around the branch into place.

Step 7: Hang 6" Glass Planters

Cut a 6" piece of Jot cord and tie the ends together. Weave through 6" hanging planter and loop around to secure it. Repeat for all of your planters.

Add the geode pieces to the bottom and your air plants to your planters.

Hang planters on the spring hooks of your prepped lines.

Step 8: Terrarium and Air Plant Care

Air plant care: Care varies per species and consulting your plant provider is always best. Plan to keep your plants in indirect light since the glass globes magnify the light they receive. To water, many air plants can be soaked in water every 2-3 weeks for 30-60min. Let dry before you place them back in the planter.

Terrarium care: Care varies per species and consulting your plant provider is always best. To water, wet soil every week keeping the soil from drying out. Do not over water since their is no bottom water escape. It helps to change the soil and active carbon every year.

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