Introduction: Air Pollution Level Detector

This is a project of detection of pollution level of a particular area. A gas sensor is used here which detects the LPG, i-butane, methane, alcohol, Hydrogen, smoke and so on. in a particular area. And the level is displayed into a LCD display. Basically this is a prototype model which can show some value from a particular or locally area.

Step 1: Sensors Required

The gas sensor i.e. used here is MQ-2. The operation voltage is 3.3 - 5 volt. And it detects LPG, i-butane, methane, alcohol, Hydrogen, smoke and so on. Sensitivity: R in air/Rin typical gas >=5 Sensitive.

Step 2: Hardware: Intel Edision Mounted on an Arduino Breakout Board

The main hardware of this project is Intel Edison mounted on an Arduino Breakout board. Here in the picture Intel Edison board connected with a seed studio Arduino compatible shield is shown.

The specification of this board is:

  1. 20 digital input/output pins, including 4 pins as PWM output
  2. 6 analog inputs
  3. 1 UART (Rx/Tx)
  4. 1 I2C
  5. Micro USB device
  6. SD card connector
  7. DC power jack (7 to 15 volt DC input)

Step 3: Connecting the Sensor With Intel Edison Board

Here in this step the connection of edision with the gas sensor is shown. The gas sensor is connected with A0 pin of the edision. The sensor senses the value and send it to the edision which have intel atom processor. And show the value into the display.

In the first figure the setup of Air-pollution monitoring is shown. Which can be displayed on the LCD.

The second image is of when a particular area’s pollution crosses the threshold. Basically this is a prototype and the values are taken just for testing.