Introduction: Air Purifier From Trash

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I wrote this instructables to show another way of using your masks. With the coronavirus crisis, surgical masks are everywhere (sometimes for free). They are designed to filter water droplets and the microorganisms they contain but according to this study, surgical masks are not so bad at filtering dust.

I suggest you to use new masks because viruses (coronavirus) can survive one week on masks.

If you have an old computer fan and an old power supply, this project cost you only few bucks for the plywood and the cut, plus 30 minutes for the assembly.

Step 1: Tools and Material


  • Laser cutter
  • Soldering iron


Step 2: Assembly

Download the parts, cut them and gue them.

I did not used special tools to secure the parts while guing. I just added the parts one by one and held them 3 minutes by hands.

That's all.

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