Introduction: Air Quality Drone Monitor

For this Project you will need:

1x Arduino Uno

3x Arduino Jumper Wires

1x MQ-135 for Arduino

1x Drone Controller

1x X5C Drone case with motors

1x 3500 mAmp Battery

Step 1: Procedure


1. Open up the X5C casing.

2. Upload the Drone program onto the controller

3. Connect the motors to the drone controller

4. Make sure to check that all the motors work and are correctly calibrated

5. Close the Casing and attach the Battery

Air Quality Monitor:

1. Attach the three cables to A0, Gnd, and 3.5V on the Arduino

2. Connect the same cables to the senor

3. Solder the cables together to make them stay attached

4. Upload the code into the Arduino to record the air quality

Step 2: Our Future

We want to be able to use the same microcontroller to operate both the air quality monitor and the drone. We also want to add more sensors to the drone to get the most out of our product.