Introduction: Air Yoga and Slackline

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Do you know Air Yoga or Yoga anti-gravity? It is a yoga that is practiced in a hammock especially designed for this to make movements and to relax to the maximum. Yoga allows you to stretch, improve your flexibility and keep your body in shape. In the strictly physical sense, I would not go on the spiritual side or anything else that can be seen.

For people who have acquired over the years, rigidity unparalleled elsewhere, Yoga is an excellent exercise to regain traction in its body aged by time. After two years of practice, I could actually see the effects and all the good that it can do. In a society where we are asked to go ever faster, if we are forced to follow the rhythm for certain, we still have to stop from time to time to take care of ourselves. One day I discovered an inscription on a door "anti-gravity Yoga", I wondered what it was and I came home. It was a new studio that opened in Quebec City and used hammocks. The advertising photos made me want to try. I did not know that the first session was going to follow dozens of others, more than 8 months to actually 2 times weeks. The summer was coming and I thought it was a shame to make it inside so I started thinking about a system that would allow me to do everything while enjoying the right temperature. I could make it at home, because it still takes a good height ceiling content of the positions that one can have in it. I noticed trees near the river near me, which allowed to hang it, but in the studio it was done on anchors to the beams, I could not see how to install. I was doing the slackline already and a similar hook idea came to me. When I went to see an outdoor manufacturing shop, I submitted my idea and a few days later I had the opportunity to settle in everywhere.

Step 1:

Now on the road in British Columbia, the trees are not the same, more complicated to reach the branches. In our truck we have the slackline, the hammocks, the outdoor stock, and so on. But of course, one often falls into places where the trees are too far away to install the hammock. The trees however are large enough (to withstand the tension) and close to install my traditional slackline that installs with carabiners. It is already used as a clothesline, why not find another function for it?

After a first try for a hammock, I found a system to install the anti-gravity hammock. Here's just how to install it. The anti-gravity hammock fabric is very resistant and flexible at the same time for positions, it is now used in Cirque du Soleil air shows. However, it is possible to find much cheaper than the official mark. I advise you first to see what you want to do with it.

Step 1

- Find a suitable place to install your slackline.

- Unless you have a stepladder, make sure you can install the slackline high enough to install the hammock. You can never stretch the string so stiff that it is a wire, so you have to count on the fact that it will drop a little under your weight on it.

- Know what you install on, I often install a hammock plus the yoga hammock.

-video Tutorial french and english from slacklinemontreal really good to install a traditional Slackline with 6 carabiners.

2nd step - measure the length of your hammock, if you want to install one, it will be necessary to put a carabiner to think to hang it. - Have a space between two karabiners of about 1m50 to put the yoga hammock. It is possible to put it in the middle of the slackline, but I found that it was always interesting for each of the hammocks, that one of the sides is at one end, because the rope is always tighter. You must also count in your measurements that when you stretch the rope, it will stretch and therefore your measurements will change. To install a carabiner in the middle of your slackline, follow instructions as the picture 3 to 7 on this pdf (in french for slacklinemontreal)

Step 2:

step 3

A-Install the slackline

B-The soft

C-Install hammocks

D-Try E-Repeat from step A until step D suits you;)

As you can see on the video, It needs to take few try to be sure to fit for the heigh you want. There is nothing difficult, it's just and idea to install your hammock and your yoga hammock everywhere it's possible :)

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