Introduction: Air Blasters Double Shot Airsoft Hack!

This instructable will tell you how make your double shot gun to to fire
small bbs or even green rods from knex.

All you will need:
Nerf tm darts.
Air blaster's tm Double Shot
Shells for the gun.
A thick straw that just fits the shell.
(Must be able to fit a Nerf dart inside.)
bbs or small knex rods
Tape, scissors

Step 1: The Straw

Take your straw and place it into your shell, mark a line on
the straw where the shell ends. Cut around that line so
u have a tube about the same size as the shell.
If the straw is loose place some tape around the bottom.

Step 2: The Inner Tube.

Now take the nerf dart and pull out the rubber tip so you are left with
foam tube.

Step 3: Insert to the Outer Tube.

Simply push the smoother side of the modded dart into the
outer tubing until it reaches the other end.

Step 4: Sticking Them Together!

Take some more tape not to much and secure the inner and outer tubing
together. Remember to tape the side with the tape!
Then take the original shell and insert the straw into it
until you can't see the taped side.

Step 5: Loading and Firing!

Load the shells with the bbs or with simple knex pieces.
Then place inside the gun and fire away!

This hack allows the gun to shoot at least 20-30ft with knex green rods.
Sorry but I've ran out of bbs so I can't give any

Step 6: "UPDATE"

ding ding ding ding ding!!!!!!

In case you haven't really noticed you can use this mod on most air blasting

nerf guns!!!

Such as the Rapid fire tek

Bow gun thingy

NOT the tommy twenty duh

Maybe the maverick - Only do if ur prepared to stuff your gun ( freindly reminder)

and a few others definetly not the recon cs-6.

also try it on the others

Step 7: (UPDATED!)

New UPDATE ding ding ding dign "for those who are new to this instructable (using cool voice)
never cut off the white string ! And leave comments! (not really an update)

Step 8: UPDATE AS OF 23/2/10

Sadly as of a day or so ago the gun has fired its last shot ... and now um it's dead???