Introduction: Air Cadet Webbing Setup and Load Out

This is how i have set up my PLCE webbing with fieldcraft in mind. This would also serve as a guide for how to set up webbing for airsoft. 

Step 1: The PLCE Webbing

PLCE webbing is a system which uses pouches (ammunition, waterbottle, utility, radio etc.) mounted on a belt and supported by shoulder straps (the yoke).
It is available online, or in surplus stores (mainly in the UK) in many different camouflage patterns. 
For my set, I chose 2 double ammo pouches, and a triple utililty pouch for the main load, as well as a tool pouch on the belt and a Bergan side pouch (as a 10 litre daysack/ camelback pouch) mounted on the yoke. Additionally, I opted for a roll pin belt and hippo pad to help get a good fit and prevent pouch bounce when running. additionally, i purchased 2 utility straps, and a bungee cord to keep everything together as well as zip tying the top of the ammo pouches to the top of the triple utility pouch..

Amazon/Ebay links
- triple utility pouch:

-double ammo pouch:

-roll pin belt;


-tool pouch:

-Bergen Side Pouch:

-hip/ hippo pad:

Step 2: Ammo Pouches

As an air cadet, we now must wear webbing to complete WHT's and firing drills, and the SA80 L98A2 is a left hand loaded weapon. therefore, the left ammo pouches must remain empty.

The right hand ones, however, may be used for storage.
in mine, i store a first aid kit (see my 'ible) a model kit (see my 'ible), cam cream, paracord a pack of tissues  and a torch.

Step 3: Utility Pouches

Left most pouch contains gore tex jacket and trousers.
middle pouch contains mess tins (and their contents) and shemagh (AKA. scrim scarf)
Right hand pouch contains waterbottle and mug.

Step 4: Waterproofs (first Utility Pouch)

firstly, it is not true that you need a daysack just for your waterproofs. i am a fairly big guy (6'2" and quite broad) and with careful folding, and ight rolling, bith my goretex jacket and trousers fit into a utility pouch.

Step 5: Mess Tins Contents

My mess tins contain :
hexi stove with 8 individually wrapped fuel tabs
cheapy butane lighters
brew kit (teabags, coffee sticks, whitener, sugar and a hot chocolate powder)
condiments kit (salt, pepper, tabasco)
KFS (Knife,Fork, Spoon)
a Tea Towel
Antiseptic wipe (from Ration Pack) 
stuffed into the same pouch is my shemagh

Step 6: Waterbottle Pouch

i use this pouch alm ost exclusively for my waterbottle and mug, but you could store other things in it as well. i added a small strap/ handle made out of 12mm rubber belt and attatched it to the bottom with electrical tape. this (as a member of staff told me) is usually done by serving ranke, but i find that it just makes it easier to remove the bottle from the pouch.
side note: as an air cadet, staff will usually provide many opportunities to refill your waterbottle. take them, especially if it is a hot day. as well as my 1l bottle, i carry a 3l camelback (rarely empty). you'sd be amazed at the number of people who ran out of water because they only had a small bottle and didn't make use of the water refill stations. (i gave them some water from my bottle).  

Step 7: Tool Pouch

stored on my right hand side, i have a 'webtex large belt pouch' attatche (unsuprisingly) to my belt. in it, i keep:
-a penknife (swiss army type- my 'good' knife)
-a cheapy leatherman-type-thing (almost exclusively for the pliers)
-a maglight (solitaire- a cheap and small torch with a focusable beam and with coloured filters available)
-more often than not, a lighter (i don't smoke, but for lighting hexi, cauterising paracord or offering to those who do smoke, it can be useful)

Step 8: Bergen Side Pouch (daysack)

i bought this online purely for use as a daysack. as such, i cut and cauterised the zip attatchment from bith sides. i use this to hold my camelback, spare snacks/ rations warm kit and basha kit.
The buckles at the top connect nicely to the yoke, and a utility strap holds the bottom nicely.

Step 9: Fitting Your Webbing

1. move all pouchs as tightly as possible to the back (bungee cords and utility straps help)
2.put the bebbing on, and tighten the belt.
3. tighten the back yoke attatchment straps so thet you have the shoulder padding in the right place(ie. over your shoulders, but not half way down your back or loose.
4. tighten the front strapsuntil it is held comfortably
5. tighten the 'kidney straps which run ftom the back of your yoke to the rear attatchment points on your ammo pouch.
6. loosen all straps about 2 inches or so, and tape up all excess straps. 

Step 10: You're Done

so there is my webbing. this is mainly a load out, as there ar so many 'set up' tutorials online as is. if you think i have missed anything, please tell me, but bear in mind that i keep snacks, compass and gloves in my smock pockets.

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