Introduction: Air Compressed Marshmallow Shooter.

This is a marshmallow shooter that is useing an air compressor to compress the air and uses marshmallows as amunition. See directions page on how to build it and see the pictures to help further explain, and use as a diagram.

Step 1: Directions.

For this project we created a marshmallow launcher. To build this model you will need, 5 feet of ½ inch copper pipe(this will be your barrel), A 90 degree copper end(this will be your air supply to the barrel from the air tank), 3 inch abs pipe(this will be your air tank), 2 abs pipe caps(these will seal the air from leaking out of the tank), a ball valve(this will act as a trigger), and an air fitting that will connect to your constant air supply which is in this model an air compressor. You will also need for your glues and sealants, 2 toobs total of JB weld, 1 toob will need to be a hardener and the other will need to be the base, and then there will be silicon for any other holes you put in you abs pipe to seal off the hole, and soldering wire. This part you may need a parent for, do to its danger, in my case this process uses a flame and your soldering wire which you will melt onto the copper pipe once you have your copper pipe pieces in the ball valve inlet and outlet. Once you have your ball valve soldered to your copper barrel and 90 degree end, drill a hole in your abs pipe, this will be your air supply hole into your 90 degree copper pipe. Once you have your 90 degree copper pipe fitted into the hole and held in place you will use the JB weld to permanently secure it in place (the JB weld needs 24 hours minimum to set and harden properly). On your ABS pipe you will need to drill a hole on the back of the cap (opposite side of where the barrel will be) and that hole will be for your air supply. Then all that is left to do is add your psi gage and mount it, once you have that done you will need to secure your barrel. When all of those things are done, and done properly and safely you will have a marshmallow shooter. Don't forget to wear safety glasses and gloves incase anything didn't get done properly.