Air Out Your Hydration Bladder and Prevent Nasty Build-up



Introduction: Air Out Your Hydration Bladder and Prevent Nasty Build-up

I recently purchased a hydration pack that came with a 3 liter hydration bladder.
After a couple hikes I needed a convenient and cheap way to dry out the bladder between uses with ordinary household items without spending any money.
After trying loads of combinations I hit upon using a clip for potato chip bags and a whisk.
Gently put the clip opposite the opening and gently slide the whisk inside the opening. I found the whisk will stay inside due to the rubbery bladder and the tension of the bladder opening trying to close.
The clip has rubbery, soft teeth that won't scratch or tear the bladder and the whisk opens the bladder without restricting air flow.
- Hang the clip on a nail or using a string.
I'm going to look for a camping whisk and take this combo with me on multi-day hikes to air out the bladder overnight while on a trek.
Hope this helps you to better enjoy getting outside, staying hydrated and stay well.

Step 1: Whisk and Clips

Grab a whisk, clip for potato chips and a paperclip from your kitchen.

Step 2: Simple Paperclip Hanger

Additional idea to hang the hydration bladder on the inside of horizontal blinds.
Out of direct sunlight, but warm and out of the way.
Open the paperclip and give it a half-twist to form an "s-like" hook.

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