Air Power III

Introduction: Air Power III

The Air Power III's are the first ever shoes that charge your phone on the go. The idea of these shoes resulted from the common struggle of the century, dead phones. These running shoes that charge your phone in three simple steps. Charge, plug in and turn it on! The quality is shocking and it good for the go! These shoes are very comfortable and you can very simple to use to charge any device with a usb cord on one end.

Step 1: Collect Supplies

The first step is all about collecting all of your materials. You will need one pair of shoes with one inch tall soles at the back of the heel. We recommend the Nike lunareclipse 2s. You will also need one pair of scissors, two exacto knives, a jackery mini portable charger and a sharpie.

Step 2: Prepare for Incision

First, unlace shoe and take out the sole. Then measure the jackery and then put the measurements in sharpie inside the shoe.

Step 3: Inserting the Jackery

You start out by cutting throught the shoe where the sharpies are marked. You do this by taking the exacto knife and the scissors and exacto knife and start cutting. Once you cut through the shoe, cut off the bottom part of the heel and either hot glue or superglue it back in place. After that make sure the glue is dry and insert the jackery into the shoe.

Step 4: Cut Part of the Heel Out

After you check if the jackery fits, take it out and start this process. Cut a small square out so the usb cord will fit in it. Start from the outside and finish from the inside, cutting a square big enough for the use cored is key. Then with the cut out piece, us it as a plug.

Step 5: Turn It on and Make Sure It Fits Nicely.

Congrats! You have successfully finished the shoe and now it is time to put the lose back in and walk around. Make sure they are comfortable and the charger is charged and working. To charge it, read through the instruction manual. Turn it on, plug un the sub port, then plug in yur phone and start walking!

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    7 years ago

    Pretty neat! Check out my diy for a wiring time saver. I bet it would help you, and feel free to vote?


    7 years ago

    i thought this device created electrical energy from your steps, not just another powerbank conversion, so I was disappointed... nice job though