Introduction: Aircraft Engine Preheat Remote Start Via the Internet - WeMo Based

I fly a 1967 Piper Cherokee 180 out of Rockcliffe Airport in Ottawa Canada. During the winter months, I need to preheat the engine of the aircraft using an installed electric block heater. This requires someone going to the airfield and plugging the aircraft in the appropriate number of hours prior to most winter flights. This can be many hours.

This project integrates easily available commercial products to remote control the engine preheater. This project does require that your airfield has WiFi available out to your aircraft.

This is a very easy project to do especially if you're a pilot. You've done much harder things to get here.

The instructions are very easy and the embedded YouTube video walks through the whole procedure.


Step 1: Video Instructions

Buy a Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Buy a small food cooler box

Buy the necessary outdoor extensions

Buy some home insulation

Download the Belkin WeMo App

Program the WeMo on the wifi network at your airfield

Install everything in the box


Now control your Aircraft Engine Preheater from anywhere across the interet

For details, watch the video.

Total cost is below $100

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