Introduction: Airplane Instrument Clock

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I love airplanes and to get a little bit more of it into my life I decided to make a clock out of an old airspeed indicator.

Step 1: Things Needed

  1. airplane instrument (my dad replaced his instrument panel a few years ago and this was left over. you can also get them on ebay for cheap clock (I got mine from
  2. goodwill (I also got a 2 dollar golf club. now I need some glass..........)
  3. screwdrivers
  4. scissors or tin snips

Step 2: Take Apart Your Clock

pretty simple step-Just unscrew the case and extract the mechanism

Step 3: Take Apart Instrument

The instrument I had was an airspeed indicator. You hook it up to the pitot tube and the static pressure and voilà

To take it apart unscrew (with your hand) the "caps" or the things on the back of it. Then unscrew (with a screwdriver) the screws on the side of it. After that the back should come off with a little bit of leverage from the screwdriver. Then pry the hand off.

Step 4: Turn It Into a Clock!

Now with the tin snips remove the piece of metal that moves the second hand and trim the minute hand turner down. Then hot glue some card board shims onto the clock mechanism. After that glue the clock face onto the cardboard shims. Then trim the hour hand down so it will fit in the clock put it on then glue the original airplane hand onto the minute hand turner. also painting the hands allows you to see the hands better.

Step 5: Set the Time and Display!

Set the time and display!

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