Introduction: Airport From Pizza Boxes

Hello all. This is my first instructuble.

The time we spend in our home is plenty now, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Browsing for things to make for our son to play I bumped into a build from pizza boxes. This is my version of it. Hope you like it!


2 square pizza boxes (mine were 30X30cm with two chamferred angles)

1 rectangular box 32X16cm

2 toilet paper rolls for the control tower

Color printer

Glue gun

Glue or A4 stickers to print on


14 3mm LED lights

Ceramic resistors for the LEDs

Quad AA battery holder

Step 1: Printing the Covers

The first thing to do is print the covers. You can print on plain A4 and glue them on or you can print on A4 printable stickers.The files from 1 to 7 are the ground, the building and control tower are self-explainatory.

Step 2: Glue Them in Place

The key provided can give a hint on where everything goes.If you print the files at 100% scale they will fit boxes that are 30X30cm and 32X16. The building is 7X13,5cm at the base and has a height of 13,5cm. The control tower fits two toilet paper rolls if you put them one on top of the other. I don't know if their size is universal but mine were 10cm tall with a diameter of 4,5cm.

Of course you can just cut cardboard at the given dimensions to fit or even adjust the dimensions of the cardboards or the printing itself. There are overlaps on every sheet of paper.

The advantage of the pizza boxes against plain cardboard is that you can install the LEDs later on.

Use your glue gun to glue the pizza boxes together as seen on the photos. Glue or stick your printed pages on top. Prepare the building and the control tower by sticking the printouts. If you don't want to use LEDs, hot glue the building and control tower on the marked spaces and enjoy!!

Step 3: Adding Lights (Optional)

I decided to add some lighting since I had some 3mm leds, resistors and a battery holder lying around.

I used:

2 green LEDs to mark the start, 8 blue LEDs for the runway, 2 yellow and two red ones to mark the end. Since I had a 4XAA battery holder I had to use 220 Ohm resistors for the yellow and red lights and 150 Ohm resistors for the blue and green ones.

I connected each resistor to the positive end of each LED and then I wired them in parallel. At the end I attached the battery holder. I punched holes on the cardboard for the LEDS and fitted all the electronics in the boxes and hot glued.

Step 4: Finally

When lit, the airport is looking great! Constantinos really loves it and makes scenarios playing. (You can see dinosaurs attacking the airport!).

I hope you liked the end result and try to build one on your own!

Thanks for spending time to read this instructuble!

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