Introduction: Airsoft Beginner Tips

When I first started Airsoft, none of my friends played it.  The result being I didn't know what was good, what wasn't.  It pretty much sucked.  I went through about 7 or 8 guns before I found a good gun, (I should really say reliable) and that is about the same time all of my friends started playing.  And guess what!?  They got to learn from MY mistakes.  Anyway, I don't anyone else to go through that, so I am making a guide to help you get a jump start.

Step 1: Your Gun

Your gun is the quintessential part of all your gear.  It is what helps you get kills, while helping you not get killed.   Now I personally am partial to M4A1's And M16's, but those are definitely not the only guns out there.  It all comes down to what your personal preference.  Good brands include G&G, Classic Army, KWA, (I recommend the CQR) Magpul, and Javelin.  (Magpuls are pricey though)

I recommend red dot sights, holographics, and ACOGs for longer range guns.
I recommend vertical fore-grips.
I do not recommend under barrel grenade launchers or any like things.

Step 2: Gear

This includes vests, Battle Dress Uniforms(BDU's) and other gear.
This really boils down to your needs.  Where do you play?  Tan camouflage doesn't blend into the middle of the forest!  I use a green tiger pattern because I play in the coastal redwoods of California, and the non coastal trees of the Sierra Nevada's.  Also, quick tip!  Black camouflage is not the best for nighttime, OH NO.  Someone shines a light on you and your dead.  Instead, use a pattern that would work in the daytime as well.

This is simple..
Buy premade vests if you don't change your gear.
MOLLE for if you change your gear a lot.

Step 3: Tactics

There a lot of tactics, I'm still learning so here is the site I use before every game I play.

Step 4: Final Thoughts

Get out there and play!   The only way to get better is to practice, and It helps more if you play at a big course, where generally, from my experience, people are nice, and as long as you are open to some constructive criticism, you will have a blast!