Airsoft- How to Carry Your Rifle

Introduction: Airsoft- How to Carry Your Rifle

Some people underestimate the importance of holding your rifle. If you are not holding your rifle correctly, you may be caught by surprise and be totally unprepared.

Step 1: No Threat in the Area.

When no threat is detected or you are just simply walking back to respawn, you need to keep your gun pointed up. This will help avoid accidents and keep people from shooting at you. This picture has a little exaggeration but you get the idea.

Step 2: Getting Closer to Contact

When you hear gunfire in the distance or get word of enemies a ways out, then you need to hold your gun almost in the ready position, but not quite all the way. This allows you to quickly go from prepared to firing. This picture will help you understand the main idea.

Step 3: Enemy Spotted

This is when you see an enemy and are ready to fire. If you are within 50 feet of contact, you should always have your gun assuming this position. Just like this picture.

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    Does it bother you that those in the picture are real warriors defending your country so that you can play Airsoft?


    Reply 6 years ago

    I want you to realize that people disrespect our military vets all the time, this is not disrespectful, in any way. There are plenty of soldiers who play airsoft, and having pictures of our military's boys to demonstrate how you should hold a gun ain't wrong, it ain't disrespectful, and it doesn't hurt anyone. If anything first-person shooter games that feature battles that actually happened are more disrespectful than this. These images are not violent, not graphic, and are not disrespectful, if they were I would say something, my brother is a Afghanistan veteran, he was on route clearance, his truck got hit with IEDs twice, he was involved in multiple firefights. My uncle is a purple heart vet. from a tour in Iraq. So if this was anything disrespectful I would say something, but its not, so in the future refrain from making ignorant comments.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The second soldier is, he is a first lieutenant, and i'm 95% sure the last guy is a real Marine.


    9 years ago

    I don't know if you understand this, but all of these pictures are fake. They are not real soldiers. Why would I post a picture of someone in combat? I happen to have a respect for those who serve.