Introduction: Airsoft Mag-Pulls (Magpul)

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Today I'm going to show you how to make magazine pull assists (magpuls). These "Magpuls" are originally created by a company ironically named "Magpul", and were designed for military use. Their purpose is to make it easier to pull a magazine from a pouch. The real steal magpuls the military uses, are made out of high grade rubber and plastic. The ones I show you, are made from only house-hold materials. 

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Step 1: Materials

Again, I'm not showing you how to make the rubber ones, These are made of household materials.


Duct Tape (Preferably Black)

Magazine For Your Weapon



Step 2: Tape Pull

Cut a piece of tape about 5 inches long, and then cut it in half long-ways.

Step 3: Tape Trim

Cut 2 inches off of one of the pieces of tape you have.

Step 4: Stuck Together

Apply the smaller piece of tape in the center of the longer piece so it looks like so.

Step 5: Bonding

Apply piece of tape to magazine as seen below.

Step 6: More Tape

Cut another, longer piece of tape, about 10 inches long, and apply around bottom of mag.

Step 7: Complete!

You have finished your first magpul. You can continue to do this for all your mags, Or just leave this one how it is.

Remember: These are for functionality, Not for looks.

Alright, Well I hope my first instructable is a big hit in the airsoft scene.