Introduction: Airsoft / Paintball Fan Mask Cooling System / Anti-fog for Under 10$

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Summer Airsoft games can be really hot! Especially when there is no wind. If your anything like me you wish that those little gusts of wind would last forever. Thats why in this build i put a high power 5v fan in my mask. This mod makes a world of a difference and makes your entire mask cool and eleminates all fog caused by sweat.This is also cheaper and more effective than those 40$ fan kits that dont do much. (I HAVE BOUGHT THEM AND THEY ARE VERY BAD) This build cost under 10$.

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

-Soldering iron (already owned)

-Electrical tape ( 1.29$ )

-Soldering "third hand"(already owned)

-Solder (already owned)

-Heat shrink tubing (1.00$)

-Wire cutters (already owned)

-Zip ties (.04$ a piece)

-Copper wires if needed (already owned)

-60mm x 60mm fan (5.00$)

-Battery housing with switch (1.25$)

-Mask for use


Step 2: Small Fans = Small Airflow

Let me start by saying these small little fans dont do a good job of
cooling your face but they are a great anti fog!

Step 3: Solder Your Fan to Your Power Supply

In this build I use a 6v battery box which uses 4 AAA batteries.

No resistors or regulators are needed since the voltage is only 1v over the voltage of the fan. If your power supply exceeds 10v then you should use a 7805. With this build all you need to do is put in new batteries when you notice a drop in power.

Also do not use a 12v fan unless you have a power supply of 12v. For example if you use a 9v battery for a 12v fan the battery may overheat and die on you.

Note: Make sure to use as little wire as possible for a clean look!

Step 4: Attach the Fan to the Lower Half of the Mask

I used zip ties to attach the fan to the mask. I also put in a large grill over the fan to protect my face although my face isnt even touching the grill.

Step 5: Find a Place for Your Battery to Go

I put my battery in the side of my mask.
The part of the headstrap that makes contact with your head has a rubber grip which holds the mask very firmly in place

Step 6: Secure Your Wires

I ran the wire through the outside of the mask and secured them with zip ties.

Step 7: Sand Down Sharp Zip Tie Edges and Enjoy Your New Mask!

When i cut off the excess zip tie, the edges were sharp so i sanded them down.

Enjoy your fog free, super cool mask!