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Introduction: Airsoft & Pellet Guns Automatic Target

The point of that project was to build, only with leftovers from my drawers, a motorised target to use with a airsoft or a pellet gun.

The parts found in my garage to build the target are:
- 1 old wiper motor from a Mini Austin
- 5 microswitches
- PC power supply
- 1 power switch
- 2 ikea boards from an unused shelf for the box
- 50mm washers (5)
- 5 hinges
- flat bar steel (12mm x 1mm )

- steel rod
- screws
- zinc sheet for shielding

Step 1: Soldering the Targets and Lift

The targets are pretty easy to make.
I have cut 5 steel bars 100mm long from a 12mm x 1mm x 1000 mm bar.
Then I soldered a washer and a hinge on each bar using a mig welder.

The lift is made with 2 hinges and 5mm steel rod 400 mm long.

Step 2: Cleaning and Modification of the Wiper Motor

As the motor is more than 40 year old, it needed a bit of cleaning.

The motor has 3 contacts:
- ground
- constant power, that allows to go back to origin position
- contact to start a cycle.

The modification consists in modifying the arm and replace it by a formed steel rod.

This new arm will push the lift when the engine will be on.

Step 3: Cutting Wood for Case

I made the case using two boards from an old Ikea Pax shelf.

The case is designed with a front opening allowing to only see the washer part of the targets.

Step 4: Placing Targets, Lift and Motor

I placed the targets and motor in order that everything fits in the box.

The main point is to get the system to move with no constraint.

Step 5: Electrics Installation

The electric wiring is very simple.

No electronics, only contacts.

The contact C1 on a constant positive is the automatic back to origin

The contact C2 of the motor is the usual "on" for a wiper motor. Once you even just pushed on the button, the motor is going for one complete cycle, due to the C1 contact.

Here, I replaced the usual contact by five microswitches in serial. When all the targets are down, they push on the microswitches levers and the 5 contacts are connected. So the motor goes for its full cycle.

Step 6: Painting and Inside Assembly

Just a little touch of paint so the targets really look like targets!

Step 7: Front Shield

As Ikea boards are not a strong material and as I want the target to be used also with lead pellets, I decided to shield the front of the box.

For this, I used a leftover zinc sheet that I just had to cut and fold for my needs.

Step 8:

The last step was to paint the case, just for a little finishing.

Step 9:

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    7 years ago

    great design ! easy to build and to use. i want one, and the Best part: i just need leftovers ! (i already have the switches and the wiper motor)


    7 years ago

    Neat, simple design.

    It looks like the pellets mostly bounce off the target. Do you have any issues with pellets getting inside the enclosure and interfering with the operation?

    Mister Fab
    Mister Fab

    Reply 7 years ago

    no issues for the moment. I just take the pellets out after I used the target. I just turn the box upside down, easy. ;-)