Introduction: Airsoft Pen

About: why are you reading this?

This is a Airsoft piston powered pen, it shoots wet toilet paper, AKA spitballs. this is very fun to use in my opinion, the main reasons are that it makes a loud "POP" when it shoots, and it shoots pretty far.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

1. An Airsoft Piston.
2. A Pen

*NOTE: You MUST use an Airsoft piston, not a nerf or any other kind.

Step 2: Preparing the Pen

This will be the barrel

Step 3: Attatching the Parts

Step 4: Loading and Firing

1. pull back the inner part of the piston
2 put a spitball in the barrel, or wet toilet paper like me
3 push the piston and shoot

Step 5: Tips

*The best way to get more distance is to use a piece of toilet paper that tightly stays in the barrel, it will be harder to push but it will shoot harder and louder

*Depending on the size of the paper you used, you may have to push the piston fast

*You do NOT have to push on the piston fast is you use a tightly fitted piece of paper in the barrel, you just have to keep pushing on it until it shoots, if it doesnt shoot, then you put the paper in too tightly and you will have to push it fast

*This can fit in your pocket easily, just take off the barrel and put it in your pocket, then when you want to use it, attach it again

*BIG IMPROVEMENT! when you load the paper in the end of the barrel, take it out and flip the barrel over so that the paper should be right in front of the piston, this will make it shoot much further