Airsoft Pistol Shooter

Introduction: Airsoft Pistol Shooter

About: Well let's see...I AM AWESOME!!!!!!!!!i like boy scouts pizza airsoft karate airsoft kayaking and AIRSOFT!!!!!!!!!

This will teach you how to survive air soft if you're main gun runs out.

Step 1: Look Out!!!!!!

Chances are that if you're gun runs out and you need a pistol the people going against you will have a bigger gun than six shooter:)

Step 2: Ammo

Bring plenty of mags the main reason you are using your pistol is cuz your rifle ran out.

Step 3: Hide

Stay back if you only have pistol you don't wanna charge a guy with a minigun. And don't end up as the thing this guy above is shooting.

Step 4: Joke Time

Step 5: End

Hope ya liked it!

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    Funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah