Introduction: Airsoft-Proof Vest for Free

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make an airsoft proof vest for free. This is my first Instructable, so bear with me. It will be small. Even though I am not experienced in this, it protects against airsoft guns and some BB guns. I can only get a photo or two from the web, since my vest was ripped apart. I also cannot be held responsible for any incidents happening. This is for protection only. I also do not hold ownership to any of these images on this Instructable.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

First, you need to get a vest. Just a small, cheap vest. Like the one in the picture.
Then you need a roll of duct tape.
Finally, just some cardboard. I just got a cardboard box from Tanner's Orchard and tore it apart.
If you want to test the vest at the end, just get a BB gun or two.

Step 2: Padding and Lining

Cut out the cardboard to fit around the armholes and cover the back. Now you need to tape down the edges of the cardboard. After that, just cover the cardboard with duct tape. To ensure safety, add another lining of tape or two to catch the BB if it rips through the first layers. If you want to add some more padding, feel free. The more padding, the heavier, but not that much.

Step 3: Testing

This is optional. The vest might be a little tight, but that shouldn't matter. I do not advise you to shoot yourself while you are wearing the vest. Just put the vest over something that will hold it up as if it were on someone. The month was early November when I created mine, so I still had my pumpkin I carved. I didn't use that because it was too round and short. If the BB went through, I wanted to see how far it went in. Also, my pumpkin was an awesome, puking pumpkin. Look at the bottom of the page to see it...See? You wouldn't want to shoot the seeds out of it would you? Anyway, just put the vest over the object, stand a good distance away, and shoot. When I did it, it protected against my airsoft guns and the BB pistol, but not a BB rifle. Sorry this was so short. Look for my other Instructables. At least now if your friends get trigger-happy in an airsoft war or something, you might not get really hurt.