Introduction: Airsoft Silencer

I had a look at the accessories for my airsoft rifle .
It was quite an eye opener.
A silencer and bi-pod would cost more than the rifle.
So I made my own for no cost. and it works pretty well :-)

Step 1: PVC Pipe

I cut about 6" of 1 1/4" PVC Pipe.
and smoothed the edges with sand paper.

Step 2: Top and Tail

The front end is a 1 1/4" nylon washer and the gun end is an end cap from a roller blind.
(This had to be drilled through)

Step 3: The Inside

The tube is filled with dough nuts of packing foam,
I cut out about 150 of these.
To speed the job up I used a couple of sharp pipes to cut these out.

Step 4: The End Result

After sealing the ends with glue, I coloured the silencer with a marker pen, (I will use black spray paint some time later).
The silencer was mounted to the gun with a silencer adapter.
It was screwed on tight to create an internal thread.