Introduction: Airsoft Target

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Do you have no targets for your airsoft gun well you can with this one

Step 1: Meaterials

this is what you need

.a shoe box


.and big papper

Step 2: Getting Started

If you have a shoe box that you pull the top off that's o.k just pull the top off

If you have one that folds just cut the top off

Step 3: Putting the Paper On

now draw a target on it by circles 100 in the middle 50 around the 100 20around the 50 and 10 around the 20 it should look like this.

then tape it on to the shoe box it should look like this

Step 4: FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is what it looks like

if the bb's go into the box there in and you don"t lose them then just take the paper off and put a new one on just the same way.

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