Introduction: Airsoft- Unlimited Ammo

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Please Note, this is not recommended for any gun that you do not intend to break. This trick saved me lots of reloading for 200+ shots before my gun jammed and broke.

I found a cheap and simple way to turn virtually any spring airsoft pistol into an unlimited ammo machine. Unfortunately this only works on most spring airsoft pistols, but i'm working on making it work for semi-auto and full-auto. This also doesn't work on shotguns, rifles, or pretty much anything else that isn't a pistol.

12 round clip, ha, how about 200 round clip.

Here's what you'll need:
A spring airsoft pistol
BB's - about a few hundred (no you do not need to count them)
Scotch tape

* I am not responsible for anything you do with your airsoft gun *

I apologize if this jams your gun, it worked for me for a while. Please leave a comment on how to improve this method.

Step 1: Remove the Clip

Pop out the clip and set it aside. Now tip the airsoft gun upside down and pour BB's in the spot where the clip goes.

Step 2: Now Add Tape

Take the Scotch Tape and put it over the opening for the clip so no BB's can come out. Make sure the tape doesn't come off.

Step 3: Now You Shoot It

Now to fire the gun just tip it upside down and cock it, now you can turn it right-side up again and shoot. At first it might be hard and slow but after a while you should get the hang of it.

Step 4: FAQ's and Troubleshooting

Once I run out of ammo how do I reload. Take the tape off and repeat the process.
The gun doesn't shoot any BB's. Turn the gun completely upside-down and give it a smack, now while its still upside-down, cock it.
If the gun becomes jammed take off the tape, empty out all the BB's and shoot it a few times. If it still is jammed use a rod or other object to push the BB out.
If the tape repeatedly comes off, try using something more adhesive, such as duct tape.

If you have any other questions, problems, or ideas please leave a comment or PM me.