Airsoft Guide for the Experienced and Inexperienced

Introduction: Airsoft Guide for the Experienced and Inexperienced

About: Hi, I enjoy making knives and other stuff of the sorts. I play airsoft and paintball and im actually painting guns for people. I enjoy being outside and riding my dirt bike.

In this instructable I will be covering weapons,different playing areas, and other things. I have been playing airsoft for a bit over 3 years, and ever since I started I loved it. 

Each step in the 'Ible will be on each different theme. So I will put in a picture, and get down to business.

Disclaimer: Please always wear eye protection as airsoft can be dangerous. Please wear the appropriate clothing, don't play on land that you are not allowed on, check your local laws to see if playing in certain areas in alright etc. FOLLOW THE RULES
I do not claim ownership of all these pictures

Step 1: Equipment and Different Roles.

Just some basics. Again, there is always more stuff for different classes, I am just listing some things each role should probably have, extras are in the last step.
Heavy Infantry
Special Ops

Gear for Roles (May vary depending on playing location)
Heavy Infantry: High RPM AEG Rifle(SAW), Secondary AEG, Extra BB's, basically quite a bit of extra equipment which might include grenades, smoke bombs, and others. 

Sniper: High FPS Sniper rifle (Depending on field of CQB. I prefer Bolt Action Spring guns, they are usually quieter and reliable, plus who doesn't love bolt action?!) either a small AEG (ex: Mac 11) or semi-full auto pistol. May want a spotter. Maybe a sniper gillie suit if you have the money.

Assault (Your basic role): AEG Rifle(Basically anything) (Yet again, high FPS[350-up] for bigger fields, lower FPS[Under 300]), backup pistol, maybe extra ammo. 

Scout: Scouts need to be able to blend in with their surroundings and move quickly and silently. They will want a mid-sized AEG(M4, P90, alot of options), and a backup pistol. May want a gillie jacket to quickly blend in.

Special Ops: Your backbone, need to be able to take on any role. For their basic role they will want a nice AEG(Yet again, M4!) and a good secondary. Depending on different missions they need to do, they will need weapons to fit.

Medic: Real medic and just the role, should have an emergency kit and 'Dead Rags'. Pretty much just needs an automatic rifle to be able to defend themselves as they try and get to the wounded. May want and armband for people to identify.

Step 2: Fields

You may already have a place to play, you may want to find a place to play. If you have a big yard, (Which I do, 73 acres) then you are good. If you dont, ask people who have a lot of land if you and your team can play there, make sure to use biodegradable BB's! Don't deface their land. If you want a gillie suit, make sure it fits your playing enviroment.

If you are playing in a big area where you won't be up-close with the enemy, you are going to want guns over 360 FPS. If you can, you may want to make forts, which I will cover later.

If you are playing CQB (Close Quarter Battle) you want lower FPS gun, anywhere from 200 to 300 FPS. 

Step 3: Bunkers and Forts and Fox Holes, Oh My!

Time to build! I will start with fox holes.
Fox holes are basically for Snipers. What you will do is dig a hole maybe 3 feet deep by 3 feet wide and depending on how tall you are, 5 feet in. You will mostly want to build it into a hill. What you are doing is making a small 'cave' for you to hide in. Cover it up with camouflage and you are good!

Bunkers: For these you need a shovel and some plywood. They are very labor intensive and depend on how deep you can dig and how long you can get it. There are many different kinds, but im going to focus on covered and trench designs. For the trench, you just need to dig maybe 4 to 6' down and however long you want them. You know, a trench. For the covered, you are going to dig a area maybe like a big square that you will build walls out of plywood, sink them along the edges and make a roof, so you have a sort of a sunken fort.

Forts: They can be anything for up in a tree to down on the ground, also tree stands! :) They can be as simple as placing plywood in a square to as complex as making an entire shed or small 'cabin'. The easiest way is the get plywood and some posts and sink your posts into the ground and the kind of formation you want your fort, then use the plywood to make walls by nailing them to the posts, please dont nail them to trees, it hurts them!

Step 4: Go Play!

Even though all of the stuff isn't necessary, it makes it more realistic. All you really need is a gun and some friends to play with and you can have hours of fun! This is just how me and my team play sometimes. If you don't like this 'Ible, that isnt my problem, so don't go around hating it. Personal preference.

For those who did enjoy it, i'm glad, and if you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

Have fun and don't forget to wear safety gear!

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    Andrew Garfield
    Andrew Garfield

    9 years ago

    can ya make an instructable on bunker I like this but I really want a bunker you showed


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Haha, thanks. Wow, this 'ible is old. Looking back through it, I feel silly of myself.
    Since all this I have become very different and I tech now. Oh well, you learn :)


    9 years ago

    Very well-written. My only piece of critique is that it's kinda backyardy-feeling; no mention of milsim or the larger airsoft community.

    Still, one of the best 'ibles on airsoft that I've read!