Introduction: Airsoft Silencer (for Looks)

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Step 1: Step One: Breaking Things

find or get a Glade air freshener or a different brand, it doesn't matter what brand or flavor. and take the bottom off of it. please note that the squishy smell stuff will be inside of it.

Step 2: Step 2: Removal

I would recommend waiting until the smell stuff is shrunken in. then take it out with a sharp object. knife, scissors etc.

Step 3: Step 3: Tools

a drill is recommended for this step. drill a hole at the very top and center of the air freshener. the straw that used to hold the smell stuff around it should be coming down from underneath the top center. flip it so where you can see the top center and get a BB and see if it fits the hole.

Step 4: Final Step: Glue.

super glue is recommended for this step. glue the top center to where it fits the bullet hole on the gun. this silencer looks like Carl grimes silencer.