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Introduction: Airsoft Target

Hello everyone,
I have an airsoft guan and one day I came with this, I was loosing lots ob BBs and I thought that this will be a good project becouse it catches perfectly you BBs so you can re-use them.
Lets begin:

Step 1: Materials and Tools

This is what you will need to make this:

-Plywood (I used thin one becouse my gun doesnt shoot too far)
-Nails and hammer
-Foam (This is to stop the bbs from bouncing outside again)
-Paper (For the target, I used the one that you put in the tables in the BBQs) You will need tape to place the paper with the target.
-Marker (To draw the target)
-Airsoft gun and BBs
-I recomend you to use a hot-glue gun to glue in place the plywood before putting the nails, this will make your work much easier.

Step 2: Measures

The plywood is very easy to work with, here are the measures:

1x-1m x 1m
4x-1m x 20 cm
1x-1m x 10 cm (this one is for retaining the bbs)

This are the ones that I used but you can create your´s as you want.
I also put two peaces of more width in the bottom of it so it stays stable.

Step 3: The Foam

I bought 1cm foam that was 50cm x 50 cm but I didn´t saw there were only 3 and not 4 that was what I needed but although it works fine.

Step 4: Target

This part is very easy, draw a target in a paper, but the best of it is that you can draw what you want on it, so let your creativity fly.

Step 5: Finish

Place the target in place with some tape and you´re done!
I hope this instructable helped you to get some ideas.

Heres a video shooting:

Thank you!

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I agree with ilpug, the target itself is good but looks really bad with that target on


10 years ago on Introduction

this is actually pretty good for weaker guns. You might want to change your main image though. from the search menu it looks like you just taped a piece of paper wit ha target on it to the side of a table.