Introduction: Airsofting

Someone else posted something like this,but it didn't cover everything.This will not cover the basics, such as shooting, for that, see the other instructable.

Step 1: Aquire the Stuff

To airsoft,you need a gun,I recomend Desert Eagle for beginners then you can move into the more fancy guns or vice-verca.You dont need any armor(except eyewear)unless you're playing aginst people with high fps(feet per second)guns,OUCH!

You also need a fort for two reasons:
(1)If its camo, you can give your enemys a BIG suprise attack

(2)a retreat area. I have a trench in my backyard and its great!I recomend one.

Step 2: Practice

Now that you found the gun for you,shoot at a paper target(paper works because not all guns have the same power),the more sucessful hits the better.

Step 3: Playing

I reccomend some annoying kids with dollar guns for beginners. Here are some rules(or just the golden one):If you're hit it's not like paintball where you can see the splat,the bbs bounce off so there is a honesty rule.If you're hit,raise your hands and yell"Hit" and sit down off of the battlefield.

Step 4: Cheating

NO one follows the rules all the time,here's some food for thought.Rip off the red paper on firecrackers and use the little bombs as distractions or use smoke bombs(HOW TO-search smoke bombs in explore box)BE CREATIVE!

Step 5: Saftey

This is a new step because people asked me to.

1)Always wear eyewear

2)'NEVER' take guns out in public, you will be reported and arrested

3)THINK before you shoot,
maybe you might shoot a car and cause an accident remember kids: THINK ABOUT SAFTEY