Introduction: Airsoft/nerf Game Types

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Step 1: Game Types

Nerf/airsoft games

1. Battle
Battle is preferably played with 2-6 people(better with even numbers but can be played otherwise)and is primarily to see which team can last the longest. As for health, it is 1 shot to the head and you die, 3 shots to the body, and 5 anywhere else(arms legs). These same health rules apply to all game modes unless it says otherwise.
When you die you may not move or get up until a medic revives you by touching you for ten seconds while not getting hit. The first team with everyone dead loses.

2. Advanced battle (includes all rules of battle)
Advanced battle is better played with more people than regular battle like 4v4 or something similar.
Each person has to choose a class for themselves before the game (medic, engineer, soldier, heavy, demolitions expert) this is the only game mode with classes.
Class descriptions:

Primary weapon can be anything as big as a rifle (retaliator, longstrike, alpha trooper) and has a pistol or small semi auto gun as secondary (stryfe, barricade). They also can revive "dead" teammates

The soldier can have the same weapons as the medic but can have more extra magazines or darts and supply teammates with ammo.

The engineer also can have the same weapons as medic and soldier but is able to repair teammates broken weapons. If a players gun is hit at all, it is "broken" and cannot be used for the rest of the game, but an engineer can repair guns by holding his hand on them for 15 seconds.

The heavy can have any gun as their primary weapon and any gun as big as a rifle ( retaliator, longstrike, alpha trooper)
As their secondary weapon. They also have health increased by 1 hit on each area of the body
( 1 headshot = 2 headshots for heavy) But they also cannot have as much ammo and the heavy weapons take longer to load and go through magazines faster.

Demolitions expert-
The demolitions expert can have any primary weapon as big as a sub machine gun or semi auto weapon (stryfe, barricade, hyperfire) and their secondary weapon may only be a pistol. But they have balls that act as "grenades" that they can throw and anyone within 2 feet of where it lands is "dead." They also can "plant a bomb" on the front of the others teams wall and the other team can disarm it by going in front of their cover and holding there hand on it for 10 seconds. If they are killed while doing this they must restart when revived. If they don't disarm it in 2 or less tries, whatever piece of cover the bomb was on, will be taken out of the game.

3. Hostage rescue
Hostage rescue can be played with 2 or more people. There are 2 teams, one holding the hostage, and the other trying to rescue the hostage. The hostage does not have to be a person like if you're playing with a small number of people you can use a stuffed animal or something like that. The rescuers will start outside the house or somewhere similar and will have to move in and try to get the hostage back to where they started in order to win.

4. Base assault
Base assault is preferably played with 3 or 4 people.
One person builds their base or bunker with big boxes and pillows and things like that. They may have up to 3 guns and as much ammo as they like. The other 2 or three people will start as far away in the house as possible and will be trying to kill the person in the base. The defender's health is 2 shots to the head, 5 shots to the body, or 6 shots anywhere else.
The attackers all have the standard health numbers. Once the defender is killed, all ammo and weapons are collected, and a new defender is chosen (the person who killed the last defender if you want)

5. Capture the flag (CTF)
Same normal rules for capture the flag but instead of tagging somebody you shoot them. You may not shoot somebody unless they are on your side just like in normal ctf.

6. Hunger games
Hunger games played with lots of nerf/airsoft added to the cornucopia.

7. Cops and robbers
Exactly the same thing but with nerf guns.

8. Infected (NERF ONLY)
Infected is played with at least 3 people and requires toy knives and small balls. 1 person will be chosen to be the first one infected and they get a toy knife and a ball as a throwing knife. The rest of the players are survivors and get guns. Decide a spawn area for the infected such as at the front or back door of the house not in some random room so then survivors can hide anywhere they want. The infected will count to a fairy high number with their eyes closed depending on how many people there are and how big the play area is. While he is counting all the survivors will go and setup somewhere and hide. The infected then tries to go and kill survivors. If the infected hits you with the knife or ball you are also infected; drop your weapon where you died and go to the spawn to get a knife and ball. It is a 1 shot kill to kill an infected person. If an infected is killed they go spawn count to 5 and then respawn. If an infected person throws the ball, misses and then is killed they are allowed to go and retrieve their ball before going back to spawn. If an infected person throws the ball and while the ball is in mid air and the infected is killed but the ball still hits someone after they die it counts as a kill. Survivors may pick up dead survivors weapons and use them to shoot or take the ammo. When the last survivor is killed the game is over. If the game goes on for a while (you can decide how long) and no survivors are killed the game will be over and called a victory for the survivors.

NOTE: infected cannot just graze a survivors shirt or something with their knife, they have to make full contact with them.

NOTE: also if being played with a large number of people and there aren't enough knives and balls available you can make it so that the infected are zombies rather than "infected" and they have no weapons, they just have to touch you to infect you.

NOTE: infected can be played with airsoft but be sure to wear heavy jackets, pants, and masks because it will hurt ALOT to get shot at very close ranges.

9. Sudden death

Fun with small teams (1v1 2v2). Each person gets a pistol ad they play against each other. If you get hit you're out and the opponent wins or if someone runs completely out of ammo the game is over. For airsoft it should be played outdoor, for nerf indoor or close range outdoor.

10. Outnumbered (small)

Teams can be 1v2 or 1v3 or anything similar to that.
The person by themselves gets a full auto or heavy weapon of their choosing and have more health than the opposing team. The other team gets single shot or other small weapons and have 1 hit each. Say the teams are 1v2 the person that is alone has 2 hits and the other team with multiple people each have 1 hit. So however many people are on the opposing team that is how much health the juggernaut has. If you run out of health you are out of the game. First team to have all their players out loses.

11. Outnumbered (large)

Same rules but can be with more people and (optional) a larger play area.

12. Domination v1

In the middle of the battlefield setup a circle of cover to act as a bunker kind of structure. The rest of the battlefield has little to no cover. The size of the 2 teams can be any number. Once game has started each team tries to get to and hold the bunker, So once 1 team has entered the bunker they try to defend it as long as possible. Once the other team has hit all the players in the bunker, then they are able to enter. If you are hit you go back to your teams end of the field, count to 10 and respawn. 3 timers are also required for this game mode. Timer 1 will be set for 20 minutes before the game starts. This is how long the game will last. Timer 2 and 3 will both be in the bunker and each team starts one of these once they enter the bunker and stop it once everyone in the bunker is hit, do this every time you take or lose the bunker. At the end of the game, whichever team held the bunker for the longest time total, wins.

NOTE: preferably played with airsoft outdoors but can be played indoors with nerf.

13. Assault

Fun during the day but would be really cool at night time with defending team having flashlights. There are 2 teams, 1 attacking and 1 defending. If played outdoors choose a base such as a padio or other open area, this is what the defending team will be defending. If played indoors, choose a big room that has more than 1 entrance as the base. The attacking team is trying to hit all the player defending the base, if they do this they win. If the defending team hits all the attacking players they win. For nighttime play, the players defending may have flashlights on their guns or in their hands. This is especially fun when attacking because you have to be very stealthy and not be noticed by the defending team. Good for airsoft or nerf.

14. Breach

Can be played with any enclosed space but we played using garage. One person finds a spot to wait inside garage and hides there with their gun and the other people try to make their way into the garage and kill the person inside. The person inside can choose to wait somewhere where they have a clear shot at the doorway or can hide and wait for the other team to actually come inside.

NOTE: for game to be very fun, the garage or enclosed space should be dark but not completely pitch black. This will give the person inside a big advantage as you can see the people coming in but those people cannot see you and you can just shoot them out of nowhere.

15. Juggernaut

Two even teams with 1 juggernaut in the middle. It is a normal battlefield with usual amounts of cover; this is where the 2 teams will be fighting. There is also a heavily armored juggernaut with a lmg or dual wield smaller machine guns and with lots of ammo. He has a piece of paper stuck on his chest or stomach and if that gets hit he is temporarily "dead." If any other part of his body gets hit, it doesn't effect him. The game starts with the juggernaut standing in the middle and the other teams start fighting like a normal battle. But if any player from 1 team runs up and tags the juggernaut with out getting hit, the juggernaut starts slowly advancing toward the other team while shooting at them. If the team being shot at by the juggernaut hits him on the paper, he is once again temporarily dead and cannot keep walking or shooting. If the new team tags him, he starts walking back the other way and attacks the first team. If your team was the last one to tag the juggernaut and he is hit, you can run up and tag him again to keep him attacking the other team. In most cases though, the teams will go back and fourth tagging him. If any of the regular players are hit, they must go back to their end of the field and count out loud to 10 to respawn.

NOTE: best played with airsoft so you can see the mark or hole in the paper when it is hit but still can be played with nerf.

16. Lone Survivor

Played with large # of people. One person using good aeg with a large ammo capacity vs. lots of people with spring pistols. The person alone gets to choose 1 object they can use as cover and all the other people are out in the open with no cover. If the person alone is hit twice, they are dead. If any of the other players are hit they are out.

17. Convoy Assault

A PICKUP TRUCK IS NEEDED for this game mode. Get an adult to drive the truck and have several players in the back of it. The truck will drive down a long strait path while being shot at by many people on the ground. If any player is hit (in the truck or not) they are out. The goal for the players in the truck is to get all the way to the other side without everyone getting hit. They will be shooting at and getting shot by the people on the ground. Probably only works with airsoft or paintball if your willing to get the truck all dirty, but can be tried with nerf.

18. Death from above

One person is chosen to be the sniper, they use either a sniper or an aeg that has capability to shoot at long range. If they use an aeg they are only allowed to use semi, no full auto. The sniper can be on the upper floor of a house and they shoot out of a window. Down on the ground, several people will gather in a group and just talk to each other acting normal. Among the small group (before the game) one person is chosen to be the "terrorist" but the sniper doesn't know who the terrorist is. He has to try and guess who it is based on who looks suspicious talking to the other people. Once the sniper thinks he knows who the "terrorist" is he can shoot them. If he guesses right and shoots the "terrorist" the sniper wins the game. If the sniper shoots the wrong person, he loses and the terrorist gets to run away. If you are shot, whether you're the terrorist or not, you must fall over and act like you're "dead" so the sniper knows he hit you.

19. Murder

Depending on how many people you have, you will need this many cards. All of the cards have to be random numbers except for 2. One card will be a jack, whoever gets this is the "cop". There is also and ace, whoever gets this is the murderer. Everyone else is just and innocent person. After shuffling the cards, someone hands them out. Don't show anyone else your card just look at it for yourself and then put it in your pocket. Everyone has a fake knife in their pocket or bag or whatever. If you're the murderer you can pull out your knife whenever you want and kill someone. If you get stabbed by the murderer you have to fall on the ground and are dead for the rest of the game. If you're not the murderer just keep the knife in you're pocket, you don't need it. There will also be a pistol somewhere that the cop can pick up and use. If the cop thinks someone is the murderer or sees them stab someone he can shoot them and they are dead, the innocents win! But if the cop shoots the wrong person he dies too. Any innocent people can also pick up the cops gun if he is dead, otherwise you don't have a weapon.

NOTE: the murderer is allowed to kill anyone including the cop.

20. Domination v2

If you've ever played domination in the call of duty games it's just like that with a couple of tweaks. For those who haven't played call of duty there are 3 areas: A B and C. To capture an area you have to stay within it for a certain amount of time and then your team has control of it. The first team to have control of all 3 areas wins. You can decide how big the boundaries of each area are and how long your team has to hold it to gain control of it. What I recommend doing is have each area maybe be a stake put in the ground and you have to be within 5-10 feet of the stake to "be within the area". I think a good time to capture it would be 20 seconds. It doesn't matter how many people are capturing the area it could be your whole team, or just yourself, it will still take 20 seconds.

NOTE: If you are killed you must go back to your team's side of the field and count to 5 to respawn.

NOTE: If you are killed while capturing the area you have to go back respawn like normal and must start over from 0 if you try to capture the area again. You cannot start at the number you were at when you died.

21. Run down

There is one sniper off to the side of the field and everyone else starts at one end with no weapons. If the sniper is using an aeg, they can only use semi no full auto. There can be some but not a lot of cover scattered across the field. When the game starts all the people with no weapons try to run all the way across the whole field to the other end. While they are running the sniper is trying to shoot them. If the sniper shoots everyone he wins. If anyone makes it across without getting shot they win.

22. Zombies

A group of survivors is either inside a base or in a designated area such as a patio. The survivors can all have guns. There is also a big team of "zombies" that are trying to get into the base. The survivors try to shoot the zombies and keep them out of the base. If a zombie is shot, they go back to the other side of the field and have unlimited respawns. If at least 2 of the zombies make it into the base they win. The point of this game is to see how long the survivors can last since there is no way for them to win.

23. Balloons

The game starts with one person by himself and everyone else by himself. The people who are together on a team all have filled balloons tied to them floating in the air. The person by himself tries to hit and pop the balloons. If your balloon is popped then you join the other person and are now also shooting at the people with balloons. So every time someone's balloons gets popped, they join the other team. Eventually, there will be one person left with a balloon and they are the winner.