Introduction: Ak-47 Paper Prop

About: im 17 and i have a vast passion for making and have to keep busy with loads projects and love the outdoors and want to be a prop maker/ set maker

this is my first indestructible so it might not be the best but will the best I can do. so I am planing to make a easy but realistic as possible AK-47 prop for Halloween with simple paper mache

my camera does the prop no justice at all it looks much better in person you should bother looking at the images to help you make the prop

Step 1: Insperation

materials needed:


card/ cereal box

cello tape


long tube 1 MM diameter or close or wooden spoon


paint brushes

news paper for paper machea

P.V.A Polyvinyl Acetate

Step 2: Skelton of the Gun

firstly make 5 paper tubes

i found if you fold the side of the paper its easer to roll and have your tape at hand

this will be for the middle of the gun

now tape two tubes together do it 2 times and tape your last tube then tape all together

next make one more tube lengthways and 1 widthways

with the shorter tube cut a bit off this will be for the sight

fold some card i half draw sight the same thickness as you bit you cut and then cut 2cm off it like picture

now put the cut tube inside it and secure it with tape but don't tape it all the way to the bottom leave some so you can tape it to the tube

now screw up the end of the tupe and tape like the pic then insert it to 2nd last hole

now put a smaller tube at the end of the small tube to separate the two pieces

then cut two triangles tow put on the bit you've just done and cello tape them

for the stock

make 3 tubes length ways

put one tube in the bottom hole and another one to the second to bottom and cut the 3rd tube to desired size to get your perfert stock stize

Step 3: The Handle and Mag


for the the handle you need to role two tubes length ways and cut in half

you'll have one spare one so keep it spare but tape the rest together and cut down 2.5 cm down the middle

now tape handle at desired angle cut a bit of the spare tube at same width of the front tube on handle

the MAG

you what to grab one piece of card and draw you magazine about 6 cm wide and fold card in half and cut out identical pieces, cello tape it up like the picture make sure to leave tabs about 1.5 cm in size so you can glue it like the pictures.

then cello tap it the mag to the gun about 7 cm from handle

the trigger

firstly you get some paper cut a strip about 15 cm long 7 cm wide and position on the gun

to make a trigger guard and cut to size cell tape to gun

Step 4: Covering

this step you problably don't need any instructions because it is very easy

the stock

first get 2 sheets of paper and draw around the stock leaving enough space to cello tape the paper cut out and do this to both sides

the handle

now cut thin strips off paper and cover the handle so later you can paper mache

the body

now for the body cut the paper to size and around the mag and trigger and fold it over like the picture

Step 5: Paper Mache

paper mache

firstly you need to get half cup of glue and half a cup of water and mix this will be for the paste

dip or paint the paste on the news paper strips and lay on the gun nicely and neat, do a minimum of 3 layers of paper and let it dry

the best way to get news paper squares is to just cut the whole news paper with strong scissors and let it dry before painting

Step 6: Painting


the camera does not do the prop any justice the wood affect looks much better in person

firstly you might want to draw which bits you want to be wood or metal like the picture

for the the bits you'll paint black i recommend adding a tiny bit of silver to make it slightly lighter so you can add detail with the darker paint later on

now we have done the black bits at this stage of painting lets focus on the wood get a thicker brush and paint the same same direction to get a grain affect use light brown and then dry brush with darker colour to get a wood affect

for the wood it needs to be a thick brush with hard bristles. you get some paint on a paint brush a wipe the paint off on some paper so there's little paint on the brush and paint the gun this is called dry brushing

now put non diluted P.V.A on the wood not metal to make the wood shine like real wood also to give it depth

now the wood is done

adding detail

for the front wood bit you want to paint two white lines like the picture

now you want to dry brush the black part with silver paint you what to use a fine flat brush for this step just to highlight the edges

and put more paint on parts which get more ware

now get a black pen and draw detail

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