Alarm Box




Introduction: Alarm Box

I will show you how to add an alarm to a box to frighten people

who try to look inside. ;)

Step 1: Parts


Speaker (the one I am using is a Mastertone 8 ohm speaker)

Nine volt (9V) battery

Battery connecting wires

Arduino (I'm using the UNO)

33 ohm resistor


Jumper wires


Masking tape

USB connector for arduino

Step 2: Arduino Code

Plug the Arduino into a computer and upload the code

Go to this link for the code: Code

Step 3: Connecting Arduino to Breadboard

The green wire goes to 3.3v in the Arduino and the very first negative slot by column A

The white wire goes to GND or two slots away from the green wire in the Arduino and in the positive slot by the green wire

The orange wire goes to number 7 in the Arduino and at C13 (over 3 slots then down 13 slots)

Step 4: Resistor

The resistor goes to D3 (over 4 then down 3)

The other side goes in D13 (right next to the orange wire)

Step 5: Button

One wire goes in the negative slot right next to the green wire

The next wire goes to E3 (right next to the resistor)

Step 6: Speaker

One side goes into number 7 on the Arduino

The other side goes into the 4th set of 2x5 positive-negative slots at the bottom corner (negative)

Step 7: Battery

The two battery wires can go anywhere in the Analog In area

Step 8: Attaching Alarm System to Box

Attach the alarm system to the back of the box you want, my box is just an example

Step 9: Attach the Button

The button should be under the lid and securely attached, we don't want it to move around.

Step 10: Finished!

Enjoy your Alarm Box!

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    Question 4 years ago

    Hey dood, where are the schematics, I need them asap cos im doing a project in electronics. It would be awesome if your could send them to me or even like re upload your project with the schematics on them.


    6 years ago

    Have you not loaded coffee to the Uno?
    And I'm a bit alarmed at the battery connection instructions.
    Your battery should go (+ to VCC) and (- to gnd). Someone check me on that plz.
    Power to the breadboard is ok.
    No code, no... not sure actually. Nothing I think, except that power connection, probably some small scale magic.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Also, just looked. It's the Vin for positive from battery, not VCC.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Sorry, drinking some coffee. I meant code in the first sentence.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great job on your first Instructable! Thank you for all the clear photos. This is great!