Introduction: Alarm Clock Machine

My topic of this project is called the Alarm Clock Machine, the reason why I wanted to create this machine is that sometimes when I set the alarm timer, I will turn it off and continue to sleep. Therefore, I propose and the idea of using an ultrasonic sensor to induct whether I'm still sleeping or not. Some of you might be wondering about how does the ultrasonic sensor be able to identify what time is it. However, I will use photoresistance to identify the timer that has been set by my phone, when it's the time my phone will start to shine the lamp so that the photoresistance could identify it and send the order to the ultrasonic sensor. When the time is up and you're still in your bed, the horn will start to make noise until you get up from your bed.



1. Arduino Leonardo

2. Ultrasonic sensor

3. Photoresistance

Step 1: Connecting All of the Element That Is Needed for the Machine

Step 2: Writing the Code for the " Alarm Clock Machine"