Introduction: Alarm Watch

The alarm watch I made functions as a vibrating alarm that will wake people up out their sleep when they wear the watch to sleep. The purpose of the alarm watch is because I tend to not wake up from my alarm on my phone, so this watch will guarantee I will wake up when I wear it to bed.


    Duct Tape


    Apple watch wristband

    TimeVision pocket alarm

    Step 1: Gathering Materials

    The step I took after laying out my sketch of how my alarm watch was going to look was buying the necessary supplies. I already had a apple watch wristband, so all I had to do was buy the alarm itself.

    Step 2: Attach the Band to the Alarm

    I had some difficulty attaching the band to the alarm. First i started off by using the hot glue, but it would stay together for a long period of time. Duct Tape and scissors became the only option for it to stay together, therefore I used the duct tape to attach the band to the watch.

    Step 3: Final Product