Introduction: Alarm for Bedroom With Lights and Sounds!

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Hi, today I will show you how to make an alarm for the door of youre bedroom with Arduino UNO.

Step 1: Materials



• 4 pieces of cardboard (measures in the photo)


• 15 pieces of cardboard (measures in the photo)


• Ultrasonic Sensor

• 9V Battery

• Active Buzzer

• Red and green leds

2x 220 ohm resistor

• Arduino UNO (I use Elegoo UNO R3)

• Little Breadboard


3x Male-to-male cables

10x Female-to-male cables

• Snap-on Connector


• Scissors

• Cutter

• Pencil

• GlueGun

Step 2: Circuit Diagram and Codes

Follow the diagram for circuit and download the code.

Step 3: The Robot Head

Cut the eyes so that the Ultrasonic Sensor passes us;

then paste all.

Step 4: The Robot Body

Paste 5 equal cardboard pieces to make a cube without the top part;

After decorate the cube;

Paste the little pieces in the cube;

Decorate the last piece;

You have the cube!

And now make the holes for leds and the buzzer.

Step 5: Put the Circuit in the Robot

Put the circuit in the robot;

Put in the holes the leds and the buzzer;

Get the Ultrasonic cables and the Snap-on cable in the hole of the top;

Close the box;

Add the head, decorate the robot and hide the battery under the head.

Step 6: Finished

And that's it!!

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