Introduction: Alarm on Leak

Today we are going to do about the leak alarm, which can be placed in hard to reach places.

The creation of such a signal was the incident happened at my house. Synulya unnoticed by us pulled the drain hose washing machine. The machine washed. And we were at home and did not know that we had was the bathroom and the water flowed out into the corridor.

Step 1: ​We Will Need.

We will need.

  • Battery 3 volt CR1632
  • One transistor BC517, BC816 or any other NPN Darlington.
  • Resistor 1-2 megohms.
  • Piezo electric buzzer

Step 2: The Scheme Is Very Simple

Step 3:

connect a transistor and a resistor

Step 4:

connect buzzer

Step 5:

connect the battery

Step 6:

We put into the body

Step 7:

placed in hard to reach places

The more detail you can see in the video.