Introduction: Alarming Mirror

This project allows you to keep your valuables somewhat safe.

Step 1: 1: the Frame/box

I used a 1 ft by 1 ft box because that is how big our mirror was that we need later on in the process.

Step 2: 2: Painting (optional)

I did paint the box black just to add a touch to make it "cooler".

Step 3: 3: Rear Mirror Support

I cut out 2, 1ft wooden planks to hold the back mirror in place.

Step 4: 4: Rear Mirror

I placed the mirror under and screwed the planks around it for extra support.

Step 5: 5: Hinges

I didn't want to make a boring wooden door for my hiding place. Instead I used another mirror on top so you can look at yourself as you walk by. I glued the hinges on the mirror and screws the other half onto the frame.

Step 6: 6: the Arduino Alarm

The next thing you'll need is an Arduino. Arduinos will cost around $25.00 online and there is a website that I specially used for my Arduino. The alarm shall go off every time you open the box.

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Step 7: 7: Attaching the Arduino

The Arduino has to be somewhere inside the box (obvi). Every time you open the box, the Arduino will make a buzzing noise. Not much of an alarm, but it works.