Introduction: Album Covers on a String

There are a lot of cheap records out there, at second-hand shops or in music stores' sale bins. These cheapos may not be any fun to listen to, but their covers sure can be interesting to look at. Starting a few weeks ago, I've been collecting records with interesting album covers with the intent of mounting a large number on my wall. After some reflection, I realized that the simplest and most interesting way to hang them would be by stringing them together and hanging the resulting album cover "necklace" on my wall. 

Step 1: Set an Album Order

First off, lay out the albums that you will be hanging parallel to the wall where they will be hung. This will allow you to rearrange them into an eye-pleasing order and to confirm that they will all fit on the wall.

Step 2: Prepare the String

I used a middle-thickness twine for the string. Cut a piece that is a few feet longer than what you'll end up needing in order to make the hanging process that comes later on easier. To facilitate passing the string through the holes we'll be poking in the corners of each record (oh yeah, you can't use valuable ones...), we tape the end of the string as tightly as possible.

Step 3: Make Holes

!The string will be supporting the albums along their top inside corner. Thus we need to make a small hole in the top left corner of each cover so that we can pass the string through and out the main record sleeve opening. 

Now, because of the way most record covers are made, there will be a flap along this edge. When you create your hole, make sure it leads into the main cavity of the sleeve, and not behind the flap. (See images.)

Start the hole with a small pin or nail, then expand it with something larger, like a bigger nail, and/or scissors. It only needs to be big enough for the string to pass through.

Step 4: Pass the String Through

Starting on the hole side, pass the string through the album cover so that it supports the top edge. Keep pulling it through so that you can string on the next one. You'll start with the leftmost album that you're using and work your way to the right. 

Step 5: Screws to Hang It From

Now you need to screw two screws into you wall at the same height between which the "necklace" will be hung. Because it's impossible to make the rope perfectly taught when using more than a few albums, make sure that your anchor points are high enough above anything so that the lowest point in the middle won't interfere with anything already on or against your wall. 

The best method for getting screws securely fastened into your wall depends on the construction of your wall. I used drywall anchors and then regular screws. 

Step 6: Lift Into Place and Fasten

With someone's help, lift the strand of covers up so that the two ends of the string can be fastened to the screws. This can be accomplished by wrapping the string around the screw once very tightly and then tightening the screw so that it holds the string to the wall. After an initial placement, each person can take turns holding their string, unfastening it, pulling the string taught and then re-fastening it to their screw. Using this method you can raise the piece to be as level as you like. 

Enjoy your new custom artwork!