Introduction: Alcohol Burning Aluminum Can Stove

Aluminum Can stoves are great, they are compact, lightweight, and have a low cost. In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make one. Please leave a comment and subscribe, thank you !

Step 1: Materials

1. 2 aluminum cans

2. Knife/ scissors (or anything that can help you cut the cans)

3. Nail

4. Pliers

5. Sharpie (not used in this, but can be used for better cutting)

6. Hammer

Step 2: Cutting

Take your knife and one of your cans. Use your knife to mark a line near the bottom, or you can get a knife blade and tape it to the top of the book and use that to mark the can. Once you have made a line all the way around the can, cut along the line and get rid of the top of the can. Do this to the other can also, now that you have both of the bottoms of the cans you can continue to the next step.

Step 3: Assembly

Take one of the bottoms of the cans and your pliers and curve the edges of the can inward with your pliers. Push the two bottoms together and take your hammer and tap them down with your hammer until the bottoms are flush. Take your hammer, your nail, and the joined halves of the cans and use your nail and hammer to puncture five small holes in the shallow part of the top of the can. Now use your hammer and nail and put several, small, evenly spaced holes just under the rim and above the paint. Congrats you have made a aluminum can alcohol stove !

Step 4: Test

Take some rubbing alcohol and pour it in the top where you made five holes, wait for the alcohol to drain into the can and pour more until you think you have enough. Take a lighter and hold it to one of the several holes and light the alcohol. Sorry that I do not have any images of the test.