Introduction: Alcohol Stove

I have watch a lot of alcohol stove videos and i couldn't find one fit my need so I built my own. I want an alcohol stove that focus the flames to one point, burn hotter, burn longer, and no need to wait for priming. I want to boil water as fast as possible. Here you have it my tornado alcohol stove.Everything complete no JB weld you just have a quality alcohol stove.All those you need a stove stand for this type of alcohol stove and wind screen. I always want a simple and easy built system with the tools and equipments you have. 

Step 1: Can

You can choose any can you want but you need two empty cans. Here I use the smaller can 7.5 fl oz (222 ml). The smaller can work better because of the smaller space so your fuel prime faster. 

Step 2: Equiptments

All the equipments you need. If you want to built more. You have to built a cutting measure tool. It will make things easier for you.

Step 3: Bottom Half

Cut the bottom half 2".

Step 4: Top Half

Cut the top half 1 1/2". Bend the can equally space using the knife for that. Measure the bottom end about .25" around. That is where you going to cut that bottom shape and bend the end. Make sure the outside line bend from bottom to top. The bending let your fuel travel up to the jet. The bottom bend let fuel travel to the outside, so push or fix to the bottom corner. 

Step 5: Top Jet Piece

Now go to the second can. Cut the larger hole first than cut .25" around from the bottom. Use the pin to make 8 holes equally. You can drill too the hole should be between .040 to .050 inches. The bigger the jet holes the more flames you have, but also burn fuel faster. 

Step 6: All Three Pieces

This is all the pieces you should get when you done.

Step 7: Put Pieces Together

Use a full can to push the two upper pieces to the bottom half. If the bottom half stick out too much cut around. Cut the top just enough for the bending. When you bend to cover the jet piece make sure you don't block the jet holes.

Step 8: Complet Piece

This is what the finish piece should look like. You have make yourself the tornado alcohol stove.

Step 9: Alcohol Stove in Action

Fire up your alcohol stove. Boil a cup of water in 5 minutes or less. I only put fuel half of the way and it burn for about 11 minutes. I built a couples and each one burn between 10-15 minutes. If you put fuel full it should burn between 20-30 minutes. I didn't measure it because i don't have a measuring cup. Built your alcohol stove than you could test it yourself.This is a test to show you that is working.

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