Introduction: Alexa Robotic Arm

Alexa arm, the name it self tells you that, this is a robotic arm project which can be controlled by amazon alexa echo/ echo dot. Initially i've used Raspberry pi but using raspberry pi would definitely makes the project bit expensive, so i've used nodemcu and arduino combination to make the things to happen.

So, lets see how we can do that.......

Step 1: Things You Need



3.ARM (3D printed)

4.Amazon echo / echo dot with proper internet connection

Step 2: Setting Up the Arm

Before you start, if you are beginner, please go through the below link first to know how to interface nodemcu and alexa together click here

for robotic arm 3d files click here: click here

Now lets start the coding part:

i want to clarify two things here,

  1. Arduino will control the arm movements as per the data received from nodemcu
  2. we require to let the arduino always talk to the nodemcu.

So, in simple way

speak---> alexa --->nodemcu---->arduino---->arm

Now lets see the codes of Arduino and Nodemcu

1.Arduino code:

2.Nodemcu code:

Step 3: Finally Testing Your Arm

Step 1: upload the arduino code/sketch to arduino click here

step2.upload the nodemcu code/sketch to nodemcu click here

step3. connect the

  • arduino D2 to Nodemcu D5
  • arduino D4 to Nodemcu D6
  • arduino D6 to Nodemcu D7
  • arduino GND to Nodemcu GND
  • arduino 5V to Nodemcu Vin

Now its time for the Servo Arm connections

  • myservo.attach(11); arduino pin 11 //gripper servo
  • myservo3.attach(5); arduino pin 5 //wrist
  • myservo2.attach(10); arduino pin 10 //elbow
  • myservo1.attach(9); arduino pin 9 //shoulder

That's it...... Regarding the connections

If you have the patience then edit the code as you wish...

Step 4: How to Operate

""""before you ask"alexa, deiscover near by devices please enable smart home skill in your alexa app"""""

For better understanding please look here: click here

Now ask alexa to discover near by devices, it will discover you arm, that's it

video click here